Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for:

    • Practicing healthy habits and never knowingly spreading the disease.
    • Giving correct and complete information to your health care workers.
    • Providing accurate and complete information about present and past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, allergies, and other matters related to your health.
    • Telling your physician or nurse about changes in your health.
    • Communicating, or authorizing members of your family or your legal representative to communicate, with your health care team.
    • Obtain & complete the following forms (see Title III clinic staff) :
      1. Living Will

If you don’t want to exist in a coma for two years while they try to find a way to wake you up, a living will is for you. It tells the doctors what to do on your behalf, when you are unable to tell them yourself.

2. Advance Directive

  • Scheduling clinic visits at least every three months and keeping scheduled appointments.
  • Showing respect and courtesy to the clinic staff and other patients.
  • Following the treatment plan recommended by your physician and other health care personnel.
  • Seeking facts and asking questions about anything you do not understand. Let us know immediately if you do not understand or cannot follow the instructions.
  • Your actions, if you refuse treatment or decide not to follow the instructions of the physician or other health care personnel.
  • Keeping your health care provider updated with your address, phone numbers, and insurance status (Medicaid/Medicare).
  • Seeing that your health care costs are paid as soon as possible.