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UCAN: Formed in 1987 United Church of Christ AIDS/HIV Network to promote awareness and offer technical assistance to those who are currently at highest risk for HIV transmission. “Break the Silence with education!”

MIHA: Formed in 2010 Maricopa Interfaith HIV/AIDS Alliance to educate to reduce the Stigma and transmission of HIV/AIDS.

Funded through donations, and a Grant from Aunt Rita’s Foundation. (No support from First Congregational UCC directly, other then, free use of Libby Parlor monthly)

MIHA will achieve its goal by building a network of people, congregations and organizations within and beyond the United Church of Christ for education and prevention in response to the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month at First United Congregational Church, 1407 North Second Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004.

Information: 602-294-0214

Churches and faith communities are well positioned to impact and promote healthy behaviors and prevent the further spread of HIV/AIDS. This is in part due to a long tradition of service, compassion and support provided by churches to under-served communities and the indigent, including those that may be at increased risk for acquiring HIV/ AIDS.

Research has shown that minorities tend to access care late in the illness process, and are more likely to become connected to care in familiar locations like the Church, rather than traditional, medical settings. The role of the Church as a trusted, safe haven, resource and caregiver has long been documented. ]]>